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Chongjia Zhang

3D Demo Reel 2022

Thesis Film JOY

Joy is a four-minute 3D animated short about coping with losing a pet. The story follows a young photographer named Ann, who is grief-stricken after the loss of her beloved cat, Joy. Then she is transported into a magical world inside her camera, where she reunites with Joy and re-experiences the memories they shared. We hope this story will comfort those who have lost their pets and will provide hope that death is never the end of the memories.

​A Day with Nina

A Day with Nina is a one-minute 3D animation that shows a cat called Nina's daily life and her posting on social media.

Mr. Butt

Mr. Butt is a fun character that suddenly pops up in my mind. I think he has a very interesting body to do an experimental rigging study, so I modeled him out.  

Little Witch

*Movie clip is from the movie A Beautiful Mind. The rigged character is from fRigging Awesome Studio.

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