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Chongjia Zhang


When I was a Fine Arts student earlier in my life, I always wanted to present some narrative or story-based theme in my work. I tried many different types of media to express my art. Then I discovered that animation was my favorite form, and I wanted to continue doing that. Animation is a very open medium, which can accommodate different styles and kinds of art. I have a strong interest in all types of animation, from stop motion to digital 3D. It always amazes me and motivates me creatively.

In the beginning, I started with the most traditional way to make animation: drawing with paper and pencil frame by frame on top of a lightbox, and then shooting the drawings using a camera and Dragonframe. Then I tried some experimental techniques such as oil painting on glass, stop motion, and cut paper animation. After I played with handmade animation for a while, I moved to digital animation.

With digital animation, I am basically a generalist in 2D and 3D. I still do “handmade” animation, but now I love to mix those techniques with digital to develop more possibilities. Right now, I am working on several 3D animation projects, I take charge of narrative development, storyboarding, modeling, texturing, animation and compositing. I enjoy the process of starting from my sketches and then ending with lively finished animation. My goal is to continue creating and translating all my ideas and inspirations into visual media.

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